Home News Apapa Gridlock: Lagos State to deploy hundreds of LASTMA officials

Apapa Gridlock: Lagos State to deploy hundreds of LASTMA officials


Lagos State Government is set to take over traffic management from the Presidential Task Force by deploying between 400 and 500 officials of its traffic management authority LASTMA to the area.

The purpose is to restore sanity within the Apapa axis

.Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said this during on-the-spot assessment to the Apapa Ports to ascertain the reason for the incessant congestion in the area.

The officers  of Area B Police Command in Apapa will also be part of the new team.

It will be recalled that the presidential task force has since last year been battling the perennial traffic gridlock in the Apapa axis, the host of a major airport in Nigeria.

Sanwo-Olu said: “Now, there is a process that is starting in which the state government needs to take over that task force. One of the reasons for this trip is to start that process; to see things for myself.

“The state government is to set up a seamless operation to have a team of LASTMA about 400 to 500 dedicated to Apapa gridlock; have a team of policemen from Area B dedicated to the same gridlock..

“More importantly, be able to speak to all the big men in the office, the ship owners, the port terminal operators, freight forwarders, who are not here with the port drivers, who we see that are the ones carrying the brunt.

“We are trying to bring about comprehensive metrics where all the stakeholders in Apapa will understand and appreciate the various roles that everybody needs to play.

“This is not the first time, certainly not the second, and in fact, this is about the third or the fourth time in my government, that we are trying to see how we can bring an enduring solution to the Apapa gridlock.”

Sanwo-Olu decried the situation where the ports are locked down for about eight to 10 hours

He added: “We have heard all the complaints from the various stakeholders, the unions, freight forwarders and drivers. Everyone has said their own side of the story and we can see that it is multi-faceted.

“There have been accusations around a cabal collecting money from operators and accusations of duties being hijacked by some people. And there have also been counter-accusations”.