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Buhari has no more business in Aso Rock, he should be impeached- Omokiri


Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide on Digital and New Media, Reno Omokri says that it has become self-evident that President Muhammadu Buhari needs to be impeached over his comments on Nigeria’s border.

Buhari had said that only God can effectively secure Nigeria’s border on Tuesday.

Speaking on his Twitter handle on Wednesday, Omokri saud that the statement made by Buhari shows that he should be shown the way out of Aso Rock.

“In any other country, when a President publicly admits that he can no longer police his nation’s borders, he will resign or be removed,” Omokri tweeted. “How can a President, whose main job is to protect the territorial integrity of a nation, abdicate that responsibility to God? #Buhari has to go!”

Omokiri also said that he would give Buhari’s media aide, Garba Shehu, the sum of $20,000 if he could sleep for one night without security at Kware, Sokoto State or Koshobe, Borno State.