Home News You can’t stop us from sacking incompetent teachers, el-Rufai tells NUT

You can’t stop us from sacking incompetent teachers, el-Rufai tells NUT

Kaduna Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

Kaduna Governor, Nasir el-Rufai has vowed that no amount of threat from labour union would make his government backdown from sacking the 22,000 teachers who failed competence tests and replace them with 25,000 qualified new ones.

The Kaduna governor who said this in a live interview on radio stations in the state monitored by The Advocate, noted that everyone with interest of the education of the citizens of the state in mind should be embarrassed by the failure of teachers who could not answer questions meant for primary four pupils.

The Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT Kaduna chapter recently threatened that its members would embark on strike if the state government sacks the 22,000 teachers.

Kaduna NUT an embarrassment

Reacting to the threat in the interview, el-Rufai said rather than threaten to go on strike, the NUT should be embarrassed by the incompetence of its members.

“There is no bigger evidence of the crisis in our society than that of a union whose members failed a Primary 4 examination and thinks it can create problems over the issue rather than be part of the solution.

“Everybody knows that we will not be deterred in doing what is right for the future of our children. The NUT thinks this is about politics, making a public show of opposing what they know to be right.

“Shouldn’t everybody be embarrassed by the test results? Where is the sense of shame? I hear some people say the pass mark for a Primary Four exam should be 60%, the same people say the state government has no right to test the competence of its employees.

“We are not people that bow to threats. We will respond appropriately. What will be point of that strike? To force us to violate our oath of office and knowingly retain as teachers those that are not qualified? That will not happen” he vowed.