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Ex-gov Kwankwaso queries Sanusi three times- Kano govt


The Kano State Government has given more reasons it deposed Muhammad Sanusi as Emir of Kano.

It said Sanusi was queried three times by the administration of former governor Rabiu Kwankwaso for disrespecting tradition. This is apart from being at loggerhead with Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje in the past three years.

Spokesman to the Kano governor Mr. Salihu Yakasai spokes on a private radio station Rave FM in Osogbo.

Yakasai said: “No matter how highly-placed the emir is, constitutionally, he is at the mercy of the governor. If you remove sentiment and emotion from the issue, you will know that emir is an appointee of the governor. There are certain expectations from the Emir and part of it is to respect the constituted authority and he has a limit to which he has been crossing for three years.

He said Sanusi was not sacked for allegation of corruption but on the grounds of disobeying the law.

He said: “The position of Emir comes with its own restrictions which Sanusi didn’t take cognizance of. Sanusi did not grow up in Kano State. He does not understand the traditional institution that he was occupying.

“Sanusi always goes to the gallery to talk about issues to get the applause. At the tail end of the administration of former governor of Kano, Rabiu Kwankwaso reintroduced ban of street begging and that time Sanusi was accommodating the Alimajiris in his palace, feeding them and on that particular issue, he was given four queries for disobeying him.