Home News Govt debunks news of coronavirus casualty in Olowora community, Lagos

Govt debunks news of coronavirus casualty in Olowora community, Lagos


The authorities of Kosofe Local Government has debunked news making the rounds that someone died of coronavirus in Olowora community.

It will be recalled that social media was awash with news, saying that a lady called Josephin Onuoha reportedly died of the deadly COVID-19.

The news sent shivers down the spine of the residents of the community to the extent that the Chairman of Olowora Phase 2 community issued a warning to the residents to begin self-isolation and stay indoor.

However, health team from Kosofe LGA arrived at Olowora PHC on Thursday by 7am to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Onuoha.

In the course of the investigation, it was gathered that Mrs Onuoha had been ill since October 2019 with cough, haemoptysis, wasted, and difficulty in breathing. She was on admission for over a month in Imo state .

It was further leant that she arrived Lagos in January after she was discharged to spend some time with her relatives. She later suffered a relapse on Monday 31st March 2020 and presented at Olowora PHC in response to a call made to state COVID 19 hotline. She was attended to by Dr Chogozie Alarie who did not give any medical treatment.

Investigations revealed that she had no history of travel or contact with someone that went abroad or sick.

The statement released by Kosofe LGA says: “We discussed with Mr Sholesi the CDA chairman that a town cryer should be sent round the community to stop the discrimination against the family of the late Mrs Onuoha and to educate them on preventive measures.

“We also visited the Chairman of Olowora Phase 2 Mr. Lanisa to write a rejoinder that there is no case of COVID 19 in the community and to encourage them on preventive measures,” The statement reads.