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I have what it takes to defeat Boko Haram, Sunday Igboho boasts


Popular Yoruba freedom fighter activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho has declared he has what it takes to deal with Boko Haram without the government’s support.

Igboho made this declaration in a video interview released in 2020 which has now gone viral.

He said: “That which I will use in the fight against Boko Haram, I have it already.”

The video cane out after the former Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, called on the Federal Government to invite Igboho to help chase out Boko Haram terrorists out of the Sambisa forest.

He said the activist should be invited to help flush out Boko Haram sect from the dreaded Sambisa forest in Borno State.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Sani said: “Invite Sunday to help drive away BH (Boko Haram) from Sambisa.”

The vast Sambisa forest is considered as one of the places the jihadist Boko Haram group uses as its base and keeps hostages.

In the 2020 interview, Igboho was quoted as saying that the Western Nigeria Security Network, also known as Amotekun, cannot be effective with government control over the outfit.

He said: “These herders we are fighting against, they are not after money, they only get orders from their leaders. Yoruba freedom fighters should not be kept under Governors, these governors will turn the fight against insecurity to business.

“Oyo State governor is of the Peoples Democratic Party, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, and Lagos state governors are all of the All Progressives Congress and you want our own PDP governor here to support them, how will there be unity?

“And all the powers in this country belong to someone who is a Hausa-Fulani man. They established Amotekun and put it under a governor, the same governor that will request money from the federal authority.

“Yoruba youths only if we can be willing to fight. I am not asking for anything from anybody, what I will use in the fight against Boko Haram, I have it.

“I don’t need it from a governor because a governor will try to make money from it. He will claim he has spent a certain amount on Amotekun and makes a profit from it. This will not result in something good.

“When they wanted to start Oodua Peoples Congress, was it under any governor? Why is Amotekun meant to fight insecurity in the South-West, under the police?

“That’s rubbish; these people are not ready to fight for the Yorubas, they are simply looking for what to take from who.”

He said: “A time will come we will all defend our boundaries. All these governors are betrayers, all they are after is how to make a profit and leave money for their kids.

“There’s no way people will not die when we want to attain freedom. No one can rise and say he wants to fight the government, we should unite. It doesn’t make sense that as freedom fighters, we stay under the government and earn a salary.

“When they started security outfits in the North, did they stay under any governor? Is Boko Haram under any government? These governors are looking for what to eat, they are thieves. They have sold out.”