Home News Igboho came out because Yoruba leaders are cowards, says Fani-Kayode

Igboho came out because Yoruba leaders are cowards, says Fani-Kayode


Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the arrest order given to the police to arrest Sunday Igboho.

Defending the activist, he said that Sunday Igboho did not ask all Fulanis to leave but those who engage in Killings and banditry.

The former Minister blasted Yoruba leaders, accusing them of cowardnes.

He said that if they been decisive, Igboho would not have a reason to take up the fight.

Speaking in a statement, Fani-Kayode warned Buhari’s Government that the situation may worsen the situation.

He tonguelashed President Mohammadu Buhari, saying that it would be dangerous, reckless and counterproductive him “to arrest or kill Sunday Igboho”.

“When the Northern youths demanded that Igbos should leave the North, no-one was arrested. Why should Sunday be arrested or killed for asking killer Fulani herdsmen to leave South-West?”

“Kill him and you make him a martyr for Oduduwa, arrest him and you make him the greatest hero of the Yoruba since independence. Whichever way he wins.

“The way to solve the problem is to arrest the herdsmen that kill and kidnap our people in the SW and not to arrest or kill those that are standing up and speaking for their victims.

“Sunday did not ask for all Fulanis to leave South-West. He asked for the killers, terrorists and kidnappers amongst them to leave Ibarapa and the Yoruba people love him for it. Is that a crime?

“In 1999 when Gani Adams was rising, I identified him as a young man to watch. I wrote an essay about him and I said his courage would take him far. I was proved right.

“Today, I identify Sunday Igboho who has stood up against wickedness, injustice and apartheid in our land when other Yoruba leaders were too timid to stand. I commend his courage