Home News Insecurity in Oyo: Fulanis, Sunday Igboho allegedly draw battle line

Insecurity in Oyo: Fulanis, Sunday Igboho allegedly draw battle line


A notable freedom fighter in the South West Sunday Igboho, has said that  Fulanis in Igangan in Oyo community boasted that only President Muhammadu Buhari can ask them them out of the State.

He reportedly said this during an interview published on Mama SOJ Vlog on Sunday.

In the interview, Igboho said a confrontation ensured at the Seriki Fulani’s place last Friday where Igoho ahd gone to meet the Seriki, Saliu Kadri, to protest the killing of Yoruba individuals.

Acccording to him, those who have been killed in the recent times are  Oyo businessman and prominent farmer, Dr. Fatai Aborode, an Igangan prince and Alhaja Serifat Adisa, the owner of Subawah Petroleum, and her two children among others.

He stated that  some traditional rulers asked him to visit them over the spate of killings, kidnappings and banditry in Oyo.

“When I got there, they complained of the murders that occurred lately. They expressed their helplessness, that the situation had become unbearable and they wanted the Fulani out.”

“I asked about the head, they mentioned Seriki; that no one can confront him. I said how? They replied that Seriki is so powerful that when the police arrested his sons, he threatened a crisis within 72 hours. Of course the police released them,” he said.

He revealed that  three checkpoints were mounted before getting to the Seriki’s residence.

“When I got there, the Seriki called a senior Police officer. I said no problem, he gave me the phone. Just then, one of my boys called my attention that a Fulani man had pointed a gun at me, I approached and dared him to shoot. We took the gun.

“Soon after, another person fired a shot. We rushed and grabbed the pumping (pump-action shotgun). Then I went to Seriki and told him ‘These are guns’. He apologized. At that point, I insisted those who killed Doctor (Aborode), Alhaja, etc must be fished out. His response was ‘I am scolding the boys who did the job’. I said really?

“What amazed me was the type of vehicles in his compound. New Camry, Venza, Range (Rover)….cars of about N15million. I wondered if it was through N80,000 cows that he made all this money. Such funds can only be through kidnapping.

“The Fulanis around Seriki’s compound that day were more than 1,000. They were issuing threats. They said it was their land and asked if we didn’t know the President is one of them. They boasted only Buhari can order them out. I said oh, so Buhari told you to be kidnapping and killing us.

“I further stated if that is the case, you all should leave. If you cannot produce the killers of Dr. Aborode, Alhaja, Fatai, and many others, as well those who abducted and beheaded our people, the madman will murder the person staring at him. If Seriki fails to come forward with the culprits by this Friday and do not leave Igangan, we will meet.”