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Killings: Buhari doesn’t have Islamization agenda- Igbo group


A pan-Igbo group, Imeobi Igbo Forum saus President Mohammadu Buhari has no plan to islamize Nigeria.

It said that constant killings across the Nigeria has nothing to do with islamization agenda..

The National President of the body, Ikegulu-Onugha made the ascertion on Monday in Onitsha, saying the only problem Buhari had was his inability to fully assume his position as the Chief Security officer of the country.

He also decried the incompetence of the national security officers, insisting that the only remedy to the ugly situation remained restructuring.

He said, “There is no islamization, Buhari himself may not necessarily have hand in it.

“The truth is that he has lost control because there is no way you can be Chief Security of a nation that is undergoing what Nigeria is undergoing and you go in and sleep, that is the truth.

“Imeobi Igbo Forum is advocating for restructuring of the federation where each.

zone or each state will take care of its security. The national security apparatus has not really given us what we want in all ways, is it Boko Haram, armed robbery, is it in people moving from one part of the country to the other?

“Safety of people moving from one place to the other is paramount. This national security outfit has not delivered, so we feel that the best thing that will happen is for us to have our restructuring and each zone goes to manage its own security.

“Can you imagine in a situation where the Chief security of the State who is the governor cannot direct security officers as chief security officer because the commissioner of police is not really in truth, under him and so it becomes necessary for us to seek for a new agenda in new order and that new order will be order of having a new structure of federation.

“A lot of terrible things are happening in Delta State, the ignorant people there are really under siege, but I am happy the other day that south south have agreed to set up their own security outfit, i believe if they can do it as the south west has done maybe there will be a new lease of life for people living there.

“But most important is for us to be really part of our own security so people will have their own internal security that will be able to help them in securing their lives and property.

“There will be fresh blood, fresh hands and new faces with international connections and ideas, people who are buoyant will need to sponsor them.”