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Kukah: Nigeria yet to recover from wounds of civil war


Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has claimed that  Nigeria has not recovered from wounds of the civil war

Speaking further, he said that the leaders have not learned igood lessons from the 30-month war.

The fiery cleric made this known at the  second edition of the “Never Again Conference” organised by Professor Pat Utomi.

He noted that Nigeria needs to adopt resolutions meant to heal the wounds of the war.

He added that some of the resolutions were brought up at the Human Rights Violations Investigation Commission set up by former President Olusegun Obasanjo..

Kukah said: “I have met a lot of people who fought the war who are full of regrets. There is a lot of resentment, anxiety and frustration that we have not learnt any lessons.

“Fifty-one years after the war, we are still hearing the kind of agitations that ordinarily, with commitment, dedication, focus and the right leadership, we should have put a lot of the anxieties behind us. Unfortunately, they are still with us.”

The bishop described the Oputa panel,  as the best school he would ever hope to attend

He added: “Oputa Panel managed to generate quite a lot of data and information that academicians and policymakers would have used to ensure we erect the signpost saying, ‘Never Again’, because it gave us an opportunity, a mirror to look at ourselves after hearing from all sides but we didn’t have the discipline to follow through.

“We have not been able to forgive ourselves as a people. The wounds of the civil war have not been able to heal.

“Coups and counter-coups that followed were more or less miniature civil wars by themselves because they threw up the same contradictions, anxieties and feeling of divisiveness across the country