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Lawan: Economy making recovery despite present challenges


President of the Senate, Dr. Ahmad Lawan, has  declared that the economy of Nigeria is making recovery despite myriad of challenges..

He said he is upbeat about the growth of Nigerian economy, saying that there is hope of despite amid murky ground.

Lawan said this at the Nigeria/International Monetary Fund(IMF) Article lV Consultation virtual exercise

He added that  the forum was  a “veritable platform to share our experiences on steering our economy on the path of growth, despite challenges.”

He used the opportunity to explain how the feddFed Government is making ceazelcea efforts towards  promoting economic prosperity and reduction of overty in the country.

He lamented that  COVID-19 pandemic compounded Nigeria” woes.

He said: “The problems have made us improve our efforts in the prudent management of resources, and in transparency and accountability. Our focus has been on sustaining investments in infrastructure and utilities, trusting in their capacities to stimulate economic activities, enhance growth, and thereafter improve the people’s standard of living.

“Government has continued with its anti-corruption crusade, aside a pledge to ensure discipline in the public expenditure process.

“Beyond Oil, greater regard is now being paid to the steel, the mining and the agriculture sectors. The potentials in these sectors are significant for revenue generation, and for job creation. They are additionally valuable in the bid to engage critical sections of the population, especially the youth,” Lawan said