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Libya denies slave trade report, says CNN, others are on blind campaigns


The goverment of Libya has said the reported slave trade in the country is a campaign against the Maghreb nation.

The Libyan government’s reaction followed a flood of condemnation that trailed a report by the CNN that illegal African migrants were being sold as slaves in the country.

Nigerians and other migrants from sub-saharan countries were reportedly among those being allegedly traded for $400 to merchants.

Charge d’Affaires/Ambassador-Designate of Libya to Nigeria, Attia Alkhoder, said that his country was being accused wrongly.

“We would like to confirm that any deed that happens to immigrants right is not more than individual action and not the practice of Libyan people,” he said.

“We condemn and reject in totality, the criminal practice of trading and trafficking of human beings on the basis that any relation with immigrants should be conceded with human dignity.

“The Government of National Accord wonders at the fierce and blind campaigns that were carried by the international media and participation of some political officials of friendly countries who should be aware of the immigrants’ situation, and the exceptional condition.

“In Libya, what worries us deeply is the objectives of this campaign which was carried by countries that reject accepting immigrants and do not assist to bear any cost of this phenomena which Libya is most harmed by. It constitutes danger to its security, social constructions and loads on its initial weak economy.”