Home News Makinde’s leadership failure worsens Insecurity in Oke Ogun, Oyo- NACOMYO

Makinde’s leadership failure worsens Insecurity in Oke Ogun, Oyo- NACOMYO


The  failure of Governor Seyi Makinde to act as the Chief Security Officer of the state is responsible for spate of killings and kidnappings in One Ogun zone of Oyo State.

The statement was made by Muslim youths under the platform of National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO).

The Muslim group alleged that the lackadaisical attitudes of the Governor towards security of lives and properties made the killings worse in the recent days.

NACOMYO Coordinator in Oyo State, Dawood Afolabi, speaking on behalf of the group in a statement said that Makinde should know that one of the major responsibilities of a government is security.

Afolabi said, “The seeming ineptitude of the Oyo state government to address the spate of killings, kidnapping, rape and forceful invasion of farmlands in Igangan, ibarapa area of the state has been identified as the major cause of the recent civil unrest/arson witnessed in the area.

“This is because nature abhors a vacuum especially in emergencies like insecurity in which survival strategies can not be limited to those approved by law rather than those perceived as effective to guarantee people’s safety.

“This perhaps accounted for resorting to self help or seeking the help of ethnic militia and opportunists as activists.

“Since it became an every day affair for people to be in bondage of money minded criminals in Ibarapa and Oke Ogun, the Governor never paid a visit to commiserate with the victims We also wonder what the Amotekun corps are doing and the village vigilantes under the Baales and village heads. What is clear is that there could not be any external insurrection without the collusion of internal traitors.

“The Council acknowledged the replacement of the Service Chiefs which is long overdue hoping that there will be a positive change in the security architecture of the nation.

“NACOMYO however wishes to remind the states and local governments as other tiers of government benefiting from the distribution of national treasury to take more results-yielding approaches. They should know that the primary responsibility of any government is security which will invariably determine its growth and development as there can not be any investment in an unsafe environment.

“We strongly condemn attempts to ascribe the crimes to a particular ethnic group as criminality has no religious or ethnic boundaries. For those who are bent on the secession of the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria criminalising or demonising a particular tribe they think is the quickest way to achieve their obnoxious and irresponsible ambition. They lack a sense of history. Those who saw hell during the Biafran war will not pray for a civil war