Home News Nigeria’s COVID-19 test still very far below Kenya, Ghana

Nigeria’s COVID-19 test still very far below Kenya, Ghana


So far, Nigeria has tested 8,003 persons for COVID-19.

This was revealed  by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

This is still far below a number of African countries including Kenya, which has a population of 53 million.

It is also below that of Ghana, a country of 39 million people, which is at least six times less than Nigeria’s population.

In its latest COVID-19 situation report released on Monday the NCDC stated the number of tests as of the end of Sunday, with 367 persons tested in those previous 24 hour.

The data shows the country’s testing capacity is still far below the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation of mass-testing.

When compared to other African countries, it also suggests Nigeria is lagging behind on the continent.

According to the Worldometres, the global statistics platform, Ghana, for instance, has tested a total of 68,591 persons for coronavirus, 60,000 more than that of Nigeria.

At 13,872, Kenya has tested more than 6,000 persons above Nigeria. At 121,510, South Africa has the continent’s highest testing capacity.

With a population of 59 million, this means the country has tested one in 486 citizens, compared to Nigeria’s ratio of 1:25,000.

Last week, the NCDC said it will commence mass testing for COVID-19 between May and September