Home News Nigeria’s leadership deficit, missing link to Africa’s greatness, says anti-corruption crusader

Nigeria’s leadership deficit, missing link to Africa’s greatness, says anti-corruption crusader


Kenyan Anti-Corruption Crusader, Patrick Lumumba, has blamed the problems of Africa’s greatness on the problems of leadership structure in Nigeria.

Lumumba said this on Wednesday in Abuja, electronically, at the Summit of the Alternatives, with the theme, “Citizens Framing the New Nigeria of Our Dream.”

The occasion was organised by a coalition of Civil Society Organisations.

The anti-corruption crusader called on Nigerians to fix the leadership structure of the country, adding that it was a missing link to Africa’s greatness.

According to him, out of every five Africans, one is a Nigerian; by that, the economic potential of Nigeria cannot be a gainsay.

He said that the problem of Nigeria was simply leadership, adding that if fixed, every problem would be addressed.

“Nigeria had great leaders during the times of Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, among others shortly after Independence.

“The question, therefore, is that when did the rain start beating us? I can tell you that no sooner had the gains of Independence been realised that we began to see abuses, then came the era of coup d’états.

“Then, we began to see armed men in the political arena. I can say without fear of contradiction that, that was when the rain started beating us.

“I remember that wherever Nigeria has provided leadership, the African continent always occupy her pride of place, be it in football, literature or medicine.”

Lumumba said that the political elite who ought to liberate Nigeria from the politics of money and money bags were responsible for the leadership challenges facing the country.

According to him, it is time for Nigerians to throw aside things that hold them down and must recognise that whatever Nigeria does is important to Africa.

“It is time for Nigerian leadership to recognise that Nigeria ought to be the political Mecca to which we pay pilgrimage.

“When the Nigerian leaders wake up to this reality, Africa will be great because Nigeria’s leadership is the missing link to Africa’s greatness,” he said.