Home News Okada Ban: Sanwo-Olu’s action senseless, will expand kingdom of robbers- Bode George

Okada Ban: Sanwo-Olu’s action senseless, will expand kingdom of robbers- Bode George


Bode George, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has zingered Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos over the ban of okada and tricycles in some areas of Lagos , saying it will only increase the spate of armed robbery in the state.

On February 1, the government of Sanwo-Olu restricted commercial motorcycles and tricycles in 15 local government areas and local council development areas.

The action was received with widespread criticisms among Lagosians.

Commenting on the ban during an interview with newsmen, George, a native of the state, said the action would only “expand the kingdom of armed robbers”, Punch reports.

He said the ban is “inimical to anything that makes sense”, asking if any alternative employments have been put in place for those affected.

He advised Sanwo-Olu, whom he described as his younger brother, to revisit the law.

“How can they (state government) do that? Let us forget about politics, the governor is my younger brother and his uncle is my friend. I talk to him like an elder. He should sit down and revisit that law,” George said.

“It is inimical to anything that makes any sense at all. Most workers in Lagos work in the Island, how do they get to their offices early now? Must everybody buy a car? Which alternative employment do they have for the people that they have stopped from riding a commercial motorcycle? So, how do they survive?

“They are only expanding the kingdom of armed robbers. The number of people out of job is unbelievable and you are adding to it. Get the Amotekun to be in every area and they will monitor the movement of these people (okada riders).”