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PNG Applauds CBN, identifies Groups Frustrating the Nigerian Naira Against the Dollar


The Pro-Nigeria Group has thrown its weight behind the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, for the strict action it took against the online platform, Aboki FX.

The CBN recently threatened to shut down the platform in Nigeria, accusing it of collaborating with some elements in Nigeria to keep on manipulating the Naira.

The PNG, in a press statement on Tuesday made by its convener, Lai Omotola, at the group’s office in Maryland, Lagos, said the move being made by CBN will be helpful to the economy.

Here is the Press Statement released by PNG.

The Pro-Nigeria Group, PNG, is in support of the move by the apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to strengthen the Naira and shut the doors against spectators destroying the economy and enjoying illicit gains for the sake of dollars.

The recent decision to suspend Aboki Fx as a platform to determine the price of dollars daily is a welcome development. We hereby call on Nigerians to show support for CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele on this matter.

We in PNG urged the CBN to take further action in its bid to tackle people aiding transactions in Forex. We believe that banks are the major collaborators in the downfall of our precious Naira.

We observe that the three people that are dominantly using the forex trade to destroy The Naira are top politicians, top businessmen and contractors, and top civil servants. Those groups have turned legal tender into dollars, using them consistently to deprecate the Naira. Until there are concerted efforts to stop them from liberal purchasing of dollars from any source, the dollar will continue to rise against the dollar.

Finally, we in PNG called on Nigerians to grow the economy through productive means, to engage in work that is feasible, constructive and tangible. They should stop taking actions to make money through short cuts. It is a gigantic battle the Nigerian state must win.