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Quit Notice to Herdsmen: Akeredolu an educated illiterate- Galadima


A foremost politician, Buba Galadima has berated the Ondo State governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for the quit notice given to the herdsmen by the state government

The elderstateman described Akeredolu as educated illiterate, noting that a well educated person like Akeredolu shouldn’t have done that

Galadima issued this statement while appearing on AIT programme known as Kakaaki on Wednesday.

He said that the governor displayed a sign of being ignorant , noting that the said forest belongs to the Federal government.

He said, “Governor Akeredolu of Ondo State who calls himself a SAN is an educated illiterate. He shouldn’t be giving such orders in the first place. All Nigerians are free to live in any part of Nigeria.

“It should be that any group of people living in any part of the country should be protected at all costs irrespective of their tribe, ethnicity or religion.

“So also, the Fulani or any other tribe, be it in Ondo, they are under the protection of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Who owns the forest reserves? Who gazetted the ownership of the forest reserve? It was gazetted by the then colonial masters. Once, it is gazetted, it is a Federal land and even if for instance, it is Ondo land, Nigerians are free to carry out businesses in any part of the country.

“You see, there are certain things you do; you play the law; you play morality, and you play unity. On this issue, Ondo State governor is supposed to play unity and it’s wrong to declare a certain ethnic group ‘persona non-grata’ in a certain area of your State.

He challenged Akeredolu on the need to have media discussion on his reasons behind the eviction order he served on Fulani herders