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Re-opening of Schools: If it backfires, govt won’t be able to cope- Group


Olusegun Bamgbose, National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, has warned parents not to send their wards to school for now as the Government says all schools must resume today.

He lamented the reopening of school at this period, saying that it is very risky.

He added that if the situation backfires, Government may not be able to cope with the effect

Recall that the House of Representatives has also warned the Federal Government against reopening of schools at this period when Covid-19 cases is skyrocketing

He said: “Parents should be warned not to release their children to resume school for the meantime,” the senior lawyer told newsmen on Monday.

“It’s not advisable to take the risk not minding that the Federal Government has okayed resumption. The private schools owners must have pressured the Education Minister to reopen schools.

“It’s most likely also that they did PR to weaken the Ministry. No one should be against school reopening, but extreme caution should be taken.

“The tertiary students can resume, but I still insist that those in primary and secondary schools should stay at home for at least 4 weeks to monitor events.

“The House of Reps have equally lent their voice to it. I will want to warn parents to withhold their wards for now from resuming school today.

“Live has no duplicate. Caution is the keyword. Our medical personnel are yet to cope with cases they have at hand and we want to create more cases for them.

“The Government should not sacrifice the lives of our students on the altar of pressure from private school owners, who are more interested in making profit at the expense of the lives of the students and teachers.

“I believe it would be ideal and not out of place to possibly vaccinate our students before resumption. May the good Lord deliver us from this dreadful pandemic,” he said.