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Restructuring does not mean secession, many don’t even know the issues – Dickson


Bayelsa Governor, Seriake Dickson has restated his position that Nigeria’s unity is negotiable.

The Governor, in a press release signed by his Special Adviser on Public Affairs, Daniel Alabrah, stated that a country’s unity and strength is sustained by shared values and ideals and not by force or Military might.

He spoke in Calabar, Cross River state at the retreat organised by the Southern Senators Forum.

Speaking on the topic “Protecting Ethnic Minorities in Project Nigeria,” Dickson challenged opponents of the ongoing restructuring debate to work toward an equitable society rather than seeking solace in constitutional provisions that do not guarantee a fair and sustainable country.

According to him, Nigeria’s unity cannot be sustained by constitutional provisions.

The governor cited the example of the Soviet Union, which he described as a behemoth that was very strong Militarily but eventually disintegrated into many states because of its internal contradictions.

He said Nigeria is facing a similar situation like the former Soviet Union. He, however, pointed out that restructuring is not coterminous with disintegration or division of Nigeria contrary to the claim of opponents of the debate.

“Restructuring does not mean secession. It is not coterminous with a Nigeria that is divided. Restructuring simply means a call for constitutional reforms to guarantee a more stable country. In other words, it is a return to true federalism.

“We should not shy away from the issue of restructuring. The more the opinions the better. That is the reason we need this debate.

“Nobody should tell Nigerians that our unity is not negotiable. A lot of people talking about restructuring do not even know the issues,” he said.