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Snubbing of Reps Invitation: Buhari a dictator, he should apologise to Nigerian- Fayose


As some groups and individuals continue to rant on the refusal  President Mohammadu Buhari to honour the invitation  of the house of representatives on issues relating to security, Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has also lent his voice to the matter.

Acccording to the former two-term Governor, the behaviour of President Buhari shows that he is indeed a dictator.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives had confirmed that the President had agreed to honour the invitation of the lower house.

But Nigerians were taken aback on Wednesday when the Attorney General of the Federation and the Minister of Justice said that the house lacks the power to compel the President to appear before it.

Reacting via his Tweeter page Fayose said. “I said it on December 1, that President Buhari won’t honour the House of Reps invitation on the worsened security situation in the country. Truly he didn’t.

“With a democratically elected President who does not have regard for other arms of government, how else do you describe a dictator.

“Before and after 2015, those of you who were opposed to my views on Buhari’s Presidency then cannot but agree today that Nigerians were misled to have elected him.

“Methinks they should publicly apologize for misleading Nigerians just like others have been doing.”