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That cell phone in your pocket, the laptop by your bed could kill you, expert warns


At the last count, Nigerians were reported to have spent about N3.28 trillion to talk on telephone in 2017. Just imagine the number of phones carried daily by Nigerians to facilitate those calls and other activities.

However, the mobile phones used and carried by Nigerians daily, could also be potential death tools depending on the way they are managed.

A radiation expert, Williams Nwanmu who studied Electromagnetic Science, has raised the alarm that some unexplained health issues currently plaguing the country, may have their roots in the way and manner mobile devices like phones and laptops are being used and managed.

Growing infertility issues among Nigerians, cancers of various types and other dangerous and strange ailments are on the list attributed to the worrisome development.

Malagu Emmanuel and Mojeed Oladipupo engaged Nwanmu in the interview reproduced here.

What the hell is your business in the way I use and manage my phones?

What we are doing is that we have looked at our environment to see that there is need for people to take steps to prevent influences coming from their interactions with technology.

I have gone far and wide in Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillipines, and some other places to find what is obstaining there. In our study, we discovered that, in Australia for example, Hariston happen to be one of the GSM companies.

What they do is that most of them promote anti-radiation awareness. So all we want to do in Nigeria here is to create awareness and help Nigerians to come to understand that interaction with the digital world needs to go with some good measure of good senses. Good sense in the sense that we need to take steps to ensure that we don’t mortgage our health as we enjoy the benefits of technology .

What devices are you referring to talking about the benefit of technology?

Mobile devices in this case specifically cell phones, your laptop, your Microwave oven, your Wifi, your Bluetooth, to that extent. And even electrical appliances because when we are talking about this, we are talking about radiation basically.

And when we talk of radiation, there are two basic types of radiation; you have the ionizing radiation which deals with sunlight, x-rays and Gama rays.

And you have the non-ionizing radiation. The non-ionizing radiation is further sub-divided into two; extremely low-frequency which deals with electrical devices/appliances , and radio frequency, which is the microwave range where the cell phone and all the ones mentioned fall into.

Now these devices; we are specific about non-ionize radio frequency radiation. They refer to waves that are insensible and invisible, but are impacting on us because we are cellular beings.So, to that extent therefore, we need to take steps.

Every time we interact with technology, sometimes our cells are affected. And having seen that because I also studied Chinese medicine, and I have a background in Acupuncture and in Avianation. So, understand all about the body. The way it functions, various energy centres, and how these energy centres are impacting when we come in contact with man-made technology.

These centres of interaction; energy in us, every time we come in contact with devices like this they affect the energy flow. Since they affect the energy flow, it becomes a problem for us to enjoy optimal health because our biological set-up has been upstaged by frequent interactions with such devices.

Emphatically, we are talking about non-ionizing radiation which bother on electrical appliances and then microwave spectrum.

Now, lets talk about electrical appliances for example. You can see in the office that we have energy saving bulb. Energy saving bulb is composed of mercury, and mercury exposes you to migraine. So, if you indulge in the usage of this particular technology over time, your body begins to be stressed-up and you are affected. The same for our TV, refrigerator, and all what may.

So, to that extent, our mission is to care, to bring an awareness in our environment that people need to take steps to prevent the impact of non-ionizing radiation.

When you look at these devices and when you look at Nigerians, huge population with almost everybody exposed to mobile telephone technology, how do you begin to now project your message, listing the steps the average phone users must take ?

First, we have a desire to enlighten the public. First and foremost, we want to tell people the kind of habit they have been indulging in that is predisposing them to the impact.

We are not talking about preventive steps, we are just saying that you need to curtail some of you indulgence. For example, men who are placing cell phones in their pockets is a challenge to their manhood. It denature them to that extent. Now what about pregnant women, it also affects them to that extent.

And men who are in the habit of charging their cell phones within their bed space, they need to understand that you don ‘t need to charge your phone within your bed space because the spectrum of energy is affecting you as a person. And if you must do that, it has to be six feet away from your bed space. And then you don’t have any business putting your cell phone under your pillow. You don’t also have any business when you are charging your phone, allow your phone to rest. You can’t be charging your phone and also be receiving calls because you are increasing that spectrum of energy. It is impacting on you because you are cellular being. Also being an electrical being, you are interfering with another spectrum of energy, which is unnatural. So, to that extent, that is why is too prone. We just tell you things that ‘thou shall not do’ because of your indulgence.

We advise men also or users of these technology devices not to use their cell phone as the only source of light in their room or environment because of the ocular effect. It affects your eyes. And over time, you find people going down with a lot of issues, cataracts and all what not.

So, if that becomes the only source of light, it affect you. So, there are things we ordinarily advise people not to do in order to keep themselves safe and healthy. That’s the first part.

Now the second part is that based on research, we have found that there are certain devices that can curtail our indulgences and allow us to enjoy the best of technology and live out our days. Otherwise if you don’t adopt this kind of preventive steps, we will find that though the technology is helping us and very convenient, but is gradually escorting us to our graves and we don’t want that to happen. We want a situation where we can have a device that is clinically tested and that can create a field and allow you to enjoy the benefits of technology.

Going by this explanation, one will shiver a bit. Since the advent of the mobile technology in Nigeria, you find out that there have been a lot of issues here and there about the rate of strange ailments, we begin to wonder what exactly could be the issue. The rate of cancer has gone up tremendously and people are dying of these ailments. Could these developments be linked to the devices?

The truth is this. There are some things that must never be politicised. If you understand that our interactions with technology will impact on us, then we need to adopt measures to ensure that will curb the excesses.

You make a phone call, one-two hours, and your phone gets very hot; to that extent that it gets hot, it is affecting your recular nerves; it’s heating up your tissues. What is happening is that there was a time they try to sponsor certain programmes and say “it is not really true, scientists have shown this that it’s not really true.” This is not true.

What we need to conduct or find out is that what are the experiences of the individuals who are using it? Don’t you have an experience? As you are using your cell phones, doesn’t it impact on you? Are there no times you put your cell phone in your pocket, then you feel a vibration? Is anybody going to come and legislate and tell me that the impact is not okay? Is anybody going to tell you that when you are using your cell phone in a dark place for example, and then is affecting your eyes, will anybody come and tell you via media that this thing is not affecting you?

You are having restlessness, you are having insomnia, you are not sleeping well because you can’t attain realms of sleep. Why? You are using cell phone as the last thing at night. So, you pineal gland can not really give the information and understanding than the signals you are sending.

Why don’t you have a rest? We don’t have the kind of real sleep that is required of us because if we use cell phone for example as the last thing at night, what it does to your pineal gland is that it allows your gland to be misinformed that it is time to sleep.

Every human being is a time being. So, when you alter the pattern to that extent, you are not going to be well. We are seeing ailments because there are two basic reasons why they are happening.

We need to set the standard clear. Now we must have a system where if people exit from such strange ailments, they must conduct autopsy. You must have a clear postmontem that is up-to-date and can analysed and tell us exactly why that person exited.

Number two, we need to be very careful with our religious inclinations because the truth is that it is good because it is the breath of God that we are all surviving and to that extent, we don’t need to abuse the breath of God because the breath of God comes in contact or less directly with nature.

And if we abuse nature and violate the principles of the law governing nature, we will be the ones who are going to go down for it. So, to the extent, we need to come to terms with the fact that technology is very beneficial, good, makes the world go round, makes it efficient for us to do business and to live life. But we need to take steps that we ourselves are not technological beings. We are essentially biological beings wired with serious electrical volts of currents drawn in our systems.

But here, we don’t take steps. Everything that come to us, we tend to abuse. Why will you give your cell phone to a young child that is between the ages of zero to twelve? You don’t do that because at that particular point, the Pineal gland has not developed. So, you expose your child and you are altering the pattern.

The import of this alteration will come in later years. So, to that extent, we need to understand the habit we need to adopt as families, as pregnant women, as children and as youths. Our children in the universities for example, what do they do? they take their laptops and put them in their bed spaces and they sleep there. Their phones are there with their laptops and they go to bed. There will be a day when this impact will begin to take its toll on them.

So, what we want is people to come to terms with the reality. It shouldn’t be scary to people. We are not intending to scare people and let it be known, that is not the point. We are not anti-technology either. We are pro-safety because we have only one shot at life. So, it is not about politics, you don’t play politics with lives. People are having stroke; people are going down here and there and funny enough, many of our hospitals and health care centres have masts around them.

I went to a particular hospital I was going to do a presentation, big hospital and i counted seven masts surrounding the hospital and I spoke to the authority, saying how do you expect people to be well here?

Somebody is not well, he is going through intensive treatment, and you allow his cell phone to be there and occasionally, he will receive calls. How will the drugs work? Now you put on a TV, beaming, depending on the quality of the TV, and the person there is not too well.

So, we need a level of enlightenment that will help us to appreciate exactly how we need to live. It’s not enough to just swallow technology hook-line and sinker, we need to understand that there are steps we need to take as a people. We need to reorient ourselves and come to terms that our lives need some good measure of protection.

Going back a bit in your statement, you talked about children from zero to twelve close to these technology devices. Are you saying there should be age limit to which they could use the devices?

Not necessarily, but if you ask me, then we must have devices that can help the children.

Alternatively, if our children for instance are supposed to be doing homework or assignment with cell phones and stuff like that, we the parents or their wards have a duty to source for that information and then put our cell phones on airplane mode, so that they are not going to be interacting to that extent that it expose them.

So, we must have measures. We can have preventive devices. There are devices that we are advocating that they could have. If they have those devices, it can help them to enjoy it.

But ordinarily, to have a free fall where children are crying and you give them and they stop, it’s good. But it is not good for their health.

So, what are the devices that will help them? These days, you want to go far and you live your children at home; you want to communicate while you are away, they will probably need the phone. At that level, for security reason, they have to use the phone. Then you don’t have option than to leave them with a phone. So, what is the way out here?

We have devices that can be good for them.What am putting on now is called Helion key holder or neck string device.

This device is made of seventy-six elements. These seventy-six elements create a field around the child. When the child is having a cell phone for example and it is there, this device will be within that particular range to prevent impact that is going to happen to the child.

Number two, these are others that are heavier devices, because they are still within that developmental stages. But we can put a cell phone for the children if we are going out. Put the cell phone in a pouch. And so, when the child is handling the cell phone, it remains in the pouch or he opens it and answers the call and still holding the pouch. To that extent, it is not going to affect the child.

What makes this different from any other pouch?

This is not just a pouch. This is anti-radiation pouch. It has a dual compartment. This dual compartments means they have uses. Now you take your cell phone and put it in the inner compartment, it is going to bar your calls.

Now depending on the information you have on the back end of your phone, it is going to say ‘so so person is not available, this line is not here, it is switched-off or you can leave a message of whatever.

Now, you take the same cell phone and put it in the inner part of the compartment, your calls will come in. In case of children as you are talking now, the phone can be heard, so that they can hear when the phone rings. And then when you are answering the call, you ensure that you instruct them clearly, that they must hold this device while answering the call. So, when they finished, they tuck it back again.

In that case, the non-ionizing radiation or electro-magnetic wave will not have a free flow to be assaulting the child as long as you are out. To that extent, we can adopt these measures and in addition to what i have mentioned earlier, they could use it for home work, assignment or put it on airplane mode.

We have the domestic anti-radiation device and we have corporate.

Now, for the domestic, when you are in a living room and you want your living room to have a bigger covering, a wider range of covering, you opt for the domestic.

We come and install it at a strategic point. When installed, it allows the TV, refrigerator, laptop and all those stuff within that spectrum, it allows your environment not to be influenced negatively.

For the corporate, offices where they have people who are using servers, big servers; humming servers.

You enter some offices, you find a human element, and the guy there is freezing and going. Yet he is operating that system. We bring for them, the corporate dish. We will put the dish within that place. It allows the atmosphere to be influenced positively and the individual there will remain healthy.

You talked about these masts; we see it everywhere around us. Even in some cases, you find that individuals welcome them around their homes whether for monetary gains and more. And then you begin to wonder what is happening. We were made to understand that they have some negative impacts on our health. What exactly are the facts surrounding this?

Even NCC understands that the cell phone tower is supposed to be located five kilometers away from residential areas.

Now our undoing is like the black man has been out into survival mode. So, any alleviation that is perceived to come from monetary gains, he will jump with both hands. It is not healthy.

Earlier, i told you about hospital here in Lagos, where you have seven masts surrounding the hospital. It’s a lot of ignorance about this. The regulation of this particular frequency impact negatively on us. We need to look at safe technology.

We belong to world international organisation of scientists, and what we are doing is that people should adopt safer technologies or safer ways, so that we will continue to enjoy our sojourn here on earth.

It is not healthy. It affects pregnant women. If you do your research, you find that there are lawsuits, even in Canada, US, for people who are having cell phone towers that are five hundred metres away from where human beings are living.

I have one of our marketer, in her compound, they have cell phone tower; a mast. The frequent illness, people go down and you can’t explain it because it is not like malaria that we are traditionally known for.

In our environment, this is not malaria, when you come, you feel some measure of instability, and when you don‘t sleep well for so many months, the body begins to impact.

So, the truth is this, it is not very healthy for us to be having these things around. But if we have chosen that that is the way we are going to go, well we say so be it. But for somebody who is an enthusiast of technology and understands the way to go, he needs to take steps.

For that our marketer, he had to make an arrangement to acquire one of this bigger ones. Unfortunately, it is their house, they bought it. Sometimes, people negotiate these deals and after they have struck the deal, they take the money, build the house and put tenants there. And the tenants will remain there; they go and acquire another property.

If Our regulators (NCC) are aware, why are they not taking the right steps?

I don’t know. You know, all of us are subject to the authorities. They may have other information that we don’t have. But as far as the impact of digital technology is, we are studying it. And sometimes, you find that there are certain sponsored materials that will tell you that these things are not real, that’s why i asked the first time that are you going to tell me that when you are feeling vibration in your cell phone and somebody tells you that it doesn’t have impact on you?

We had a young man, who had an experience. He bought one of these phones and he was always ill, very ill. The doctors couldn’t really tell exactly what was wrong with him. By careful observation, he decided to take out the cell phone outside his range for two- three days, because he was going.

After the third day he became well. These are experiments we have seen. He became very well. He said ‘does it mean that it is the phone that is impacting on me this way? And he chose to bring back his phone and the whole thing return.

Am not saying that we shouldn’t use cell phones, neither are we prescribing various brands for people. But the truth is that the cell phones we are having need some proper regulation so that we will be able to live out our lives.

Apart from cell phones, daily because of technology, we are exposed to laptops and all that and we glue our eyes there forever, until we say we are done with the work. What would you prescribe?

The first device is to be conscious that you are interacting with a field of energy. Once you are conscious, then you know that there must be a limit.

It is something that you don’t need to buy it. You just need to be aware and awake. You need to understand your body; how your body mechanism works. Our body gives us signals but we are too much in a haste to listen, the body sensory nerves are design in such a way that they can give you information. So, you need to be conscious to that extent.

The second thing is that we need to stop overindulging. Sometimes, you refresh, sometimes, you can even go out. Let me tell you one of the ways you can decongest the frequencies that you have imbibed over time.

If you have a grassy land or lawn around your house, in the morning, you wake up, don‘t wear any sleepers, just go there, hold your breath and stand. And when you stand barefooted, allow the dew of the morning to effect a cleansing and regenerate you to that extent.

But in a crowded city, a cosmopolitan city, this will not happen. That is why people like us live in a village somewhere outside Ikorodu. So that at least there will be some sanity.

When you come out 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning, that dew; that healthy air is still there, and we are decongested because we know that we are going to where pollution is rife.

Those are just measures that we don’t put price on. When it comes to serious business, giving your professional interactions, then you need to take steps.

In fact, companies or parastatals should be able to acquire this depending on the nature of the job. Somebody who stays in a computer room for example from morning till evening, he needs to live to be able to do his job.

You can acquire these things. If you can’t get the sophisticated ones, you can get this one (key holder) for example. When I take this and put it around my laptop, none of the impact of what is coming from my laptop can come to me because it has a higher permeability and it just allows it to circulate and following the magnetic principle, it goes back to source.

That is why some nurses in Lagos state call this one ‘Gbekude’ (Tying death). Igbo call it ‘Odeshi’ and then some Christians call it ‘back-to-sender’.

All these names because of our interactions with them. So, when we demonstrate this, you will know exactly what we are talking about. It’s not about politics. It is not about deriding technology, it’s not about putting down any brand. Our brand is designed to bring to awareness.

And what are they immense benefits? Have this around you, it creates, a field, it stops the formation of cancerous cells, reverses ageing process and allow the food you are eating to digest properly, gives you the right type of metabolism, prevents dementia, allows your to come back to the person you are supposed to be.

And above all as a man, you begin your performance again as a man. There are lots of things that we are talking about. You know, we don’t want to just use this avenue to just begin to talk, we can demonstrate it.

As am holding this (keyholder), there is a field of energy around me. None of the impact of ionizing radiation will come to me. And if you are very close to me, it affects you positively.

What’s the durability of all these devices?

Now, specifically, we are told by the regulator that we must have a shelf life. So, it’s three years. That’s maximum.

After three years, you can come and ask again for us to reevaluate and see the efficacy. If the potency still remain, then we can also give it an extended life span.

It’s for three years from the date of purchase because usually, we take consideration the time of production and the time that we are actually going to give it out.

This is across board for all the devices. This keeps you functional and happy. You will be smiling every day.

Looking at the global imbalance in terms of the atmosphere, does it work anywhere in the world or there are specific areas it is designed for?

Yes, you can use it anywhere. In fact we have one of our clients that came from the US and bought thirty-four of this.

The digital divide cut across regions; whether they are temperate of whether they are tropical. Because we are essentially biological being, and because we are biological beings, whether you are living in a temperate region or the tropical region, it is still impacting.

Now given the level of standard of living in our environment, people hardly eat well. Now if you are in a region where you are eating very well, you have your balanced meals and what have you, you will find that the impact will be less.

If here, you are surviving; in the morning, you eat garri, in the afternoon you eat eba or fufu, in the evening you eat yam. In all this instance, your body’s immune system is not actually going to be functioning very well.

Why are we particular about this our tropical region, we are particular because most of the regulatory authorities didn’t consider some of these SAR , we just like the technology and we brought it. So, we are looking at out environment, and that’s our bias.

We are concern with our environment because this is where we live. So, if people in other climes want to adopt it, they can adopt it. It’s not just peculiar to use, we have West Africa, we have africa. Somebody came from South Africa; he took a number of this (keyholder) to South Africa.

If you bring your phone and we demonstrate. And if we demonstrate, we show you the impact, the choice is yours. Our duty is to inform, to create awareness, because our mission as a company is to care.

Even World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011 classified cell phone as possible caseinogens (class 2B). All these agencies like Canadian Agency for Cancer, find out , all of them have things they are talking about.

And there are some people who come to refute some of the things for economic interest. It’s not about the economic interest that we are talking about. We are talking about the human content being depleted. If our acceptance to the digital technology is actually branding us or exiting us, who is going to live to take care of this thing because it’s a wonderful thing because technology is growing and we have to embrace it. But we need to embrace it with some measure of caution and good sense so that we will be happy and enjoy our lives.