Home News “There must be gatekeepers,”- Akeredolu calls for regulation of social media

“There must be gatekeepers,”- Akeredolu calls for regulation of social media


The Governor of Ondo State  Rotimi Akeredolu has joined the leagues of Nigerians calling for the regulation of social media through the use of gatekeepers.

In an interview with Channels TV on Wednesday, the Governor, said that the usage of gatekeepers in filtering news before publication will go a long way in curbing fake news.

“There must be gatekeepers. Yes, you want to publish any news you like, there must be gatekeepers using technology that will be able to at least, sieve what is right and what is wrong,”

He added that  the circulation of fake news caused the massive destruction of properties during the #EndSARS protests. .

“When the hoodlums took over, a lot of fake news were fed to the public. People were reacting to it,” the former Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) President, 64, added. “False news were fed to the public, they reacted to it. It led to the destruction of properties, Lagos, Akure, everywhere.”

Innhus words, “if we cannot be disciplined enough to be able to know that we don’t churn out news that can cause a lot of damage in the society, then the government itself must be proactive enough to find a way to control it.”

“They won’t restrict my personal conversations, they would not restrict what I am saying to my friends but if I want to take out news and say that thousands have been killed in Lekki Toll Gate for instance, then before it comes out, I must have evidence of people who died on the ground,” Akeredolu noted.

“Show me and if it is not there, I will say to you cannot use my band to propagate such news item. That is what we are saying