Home News Truck crushes one person to death in Maryland

Truck crushes one person to death in Maryland


One person was feared dead in Lagos on Tuesday as a truck carrying a container crushed a young man to death at the ever-busy Maryland roundabout closed to Mobil filling station.

Theadvocate gathered that the victim was a conductor otherwise known as “Motorboy”  of one of the trucks that were moving when the disaster struck.

One of the eyewitnesses who spoke to Theadvocate said that the conductor fell off from the moving truck and was crushed  by another truck that was coming behind, adding that he had already given up before people arrived at the scene.

Another eyewitness told our correspondent he noticed that the conductor was dozing before he fell from the moving truck.

The corpse and the truck had been taken away at the time our correspondent got to the scene.

Policemen were seen at the scene of the incident controlling traffic so as to ensure that the scenario would not cause traffic jam along the busy axis.