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UNILAG Crisis: Ogundipe Vows to fight on, insists he remains the VC


Expressing his displeasure to the way Wale Babalakin-led council of the university of Lagos perpetrated his “removal” as the Vice Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe said the council acted in a very ridiculous way and total disregard to the laid down procedure.

He however said that the purported removal would not see the light of the day as he would fight on.

Speaking on behalf of the Senate, a member of the Senate, Bola Oboh, accused Wale Babalakin of jettisoning the regulations of the University as regards the purported sack.

He said” Dear Senate members, the University of Lagos regulation has been stepped on and ridiculed. Babawale Babalakin, the ProChancellor waited for the tenure of Prof. Chukwu and Prof. Familoni to end, to call an Emergency Council meeting. Based on the Dagari report, without allowing the VC defend himself, the ProChancellor called for a vote for the removal of the VC. I (Prof. Oboh), Prof. Odukoya, Prof. Leshi and John Momoh voted against the removal of the VC.

“Six persons (excluding Babalakin) voted for. Babalakin then went ahead to announce the removal of the VC. Dear Senate members, the procedure for removal of persons in office is clear and this was pointed out to Babalakin several times but he turned deaf ears. He said he will announce the Ag. Vice Chancellor at 5pm. I have excused myself that I need to report to Senate members the shameful act currently ongoing. Please let us arise to fight this.

Also defending the embattled Vice Chancellor, a Senate member Profesor Olukemi Odukoya urged the Senate members to rise and stand against Babalakin.

The statement reads:”  It is with great regret that I announce to you that the ProChancellor has had is way in actualising , Dr. Babalakin asked the VC and DVC (DS) to leave the meeting and by vote of 6 to 4, announced that the Vice Chancellor has been removed.

“Members, arise, this is unacceptable. We must defend the Management of the University”