Home News Why COVID-19 cases, deaths in Nigeria are low- Adeboye

Why COVID-19 cases, deaths in Nigeria are low- Adeboye


The General Overseers of the Redeemed Christian Pastor Enoch Adeboye has disclosed why Nigeria has low cases of covid-19

Acccording to him, God is the secret why COVID-19 has not been that much as expected, noting that the country may not have resources to fight the monstrous COVID-19 pandemic, but has God.

He disclosed that God is powerful enough to protect Nigerians from  the pandemic.

Adeboye made this remark while speaking during programme on Sunday at the Redeemed Church of God National Headquarters, Throne of Grace, Ebutte-Metta, Lagos.

The respected cleric was Reacting to statement by the Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gate, who said he was yet to understand why COVID-19 cases and deaths still remain low in Africa.

Adeboye said: “When I read that it will take 10 years to vaccinate people in the U.S., I wonder when the vaccine will come to Nigeria. We have no money; we have no resources, but we have God. They expected us to be dying like flies, but we have a God who says he that dwells in the secret place will be under the shadow of the almighty.”

Acccording to Adeboye, God told him in his 2021 prophecy that the world has not learned its lesson.

“It is the God that reigns and rules in the affairs of men and the world must recognise his lordship in all that they do,” Pastor Adeboye said.

“Ebola came, we survived; coronavirus came, we survived and whatever may come in the future, we will survive because we will keep praising God,” the cleric stated.