Home News “You are lucky to have escaped unhurt,” Buhari tells Kankara students

“You are lucky to have escaped unhurt,” Buhari tells Kankara students


President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday evening, met with the rescued 344 boys from Government Science Secondary School Kankara.

While advising them, he urged them to to forget about the incident and focus squarely their education.

Acccording to The President, it is very important for them to focus on their education because their future is bright.

He said ”the future belong to the youths, especially those who are educated, as well as those who are in the sciences, which their school specialises on.

”I have gone through boarding school like you, as a young boy, and education was what made me what I am today.”

He said; ”You’re lucky. Your school focuses on the sciences, and sciences are part of modernisation, which allows you to secure good jobs.

“The future is not for those that read English language or History, but for those that read the sciences. I hope you will forget what happened to you and focus on your education instead.

‘‘Some of my relations who didn’t acquire education are now paying the price as their animals and land had become less productive like before.

“I have relations that are not educated, and their cows have finished while their lands are not as productive as before.

“It is because I acquired education that is why I am where I am today. Therefore, try your best to acquire both western and religious education so that you become what you want in life.”