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“Your cows shouldn’t be moving around in 21st century,”- APC chieftain tells Miyetti Allah


In the heat of clashes with Fulanis herdsmen in Oyo State, a frontline politician and a former Presidential aspirant of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, has said that it is wrong for cows to be moving around in this 21st century.

Acccording to him, all  lands in Nigeria, including forests belong to some entities like states, Federal Government, companies and others, adding  that cows should graze with proper authorisation.

It will be recalled that the National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, had said that nobody has the power to remove Fulani herdsmen from forests in Ondo State.

He further claimed that all lands in the country are owned by Fulanis, adding that only the herdsmen could curb the banditry in Nigeria

Reacting in a social media platform, Garba reminded Bodejo that the lands indeed have valid owners.

He said, “I’m a Fulani man, but I can tell you that it doesn’t make sense for cows to be roaming the streets in 2021. Cows should be ranched on a land acquired or rented by the ranchers.

“By law, land can only be used through rent or purchase. Government should step forward and clear this out. I believe, to reconcile the raging herders crisis is to open proper communication where each knows the laws of the land.

“All lands in Nigeria, including forests, belong to some entities — Federal Government, state governments, local governments, companies or individuals. Thus no land can be used without proper authorisation.

“The problem of the Fulani herders is a betrayal from the city Fulani people, whom, after moving to cities, acquiring wealth and power, forgot to carry the village brothers along, leaving them in a desperate situation. The rich Fulani people must come together and get ranching lands.

“Land issue is as old as humanity; no state power can give land to anyone where the land has being identified with owners for generations, without purchasing or renting.

“The rich Fulani people must come together and assist our fellow brothers to get ranching lands or forests for grazing.”