Home News Buhari’s wife under attack for the arrest of a Twitter user

Buhari’s wife under attack for the arrest of a Twitter user


Social activist, Aisha Yesufu, has lashed out at a Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, for the arrest and detention of a Twitter user by officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) who allegedly acted on the First Lady’s order.

The Twitter user, identified as Aminu Muhammed, had been accused of making defamatory post on social media about Mrs Buhari.

Muhammed, a final -year student in the Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology, Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State, in June tweeted in Hausa “Su mama anchi kudin talkawa ankoshi” loosely translated as “the mother has gotten fatter by eating masses’ money.”

Reports have it that the student had made the tweet to express his frustration over Federation Government’s failure to honour its agreement with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) leading to the then prolonged strike action by the union.

It was gathered that on November 8, 2022, the 23-year-old Muhammed was picked up on campus and was reportedly assaulted by men of the DSS who had arrested him.

Aisha Yesufu condemnds arrest: Reacting to the development on Sunday, November 27, 2022, Yesufu on her YouTube channel described Muhammed’s arrest as unconstitutional and outrageous.

Yesufu’s word: “Aisha Buhari should be ashamed of herself. This is so unlawful. Her husband has thrown 63% of Nigerians into multidimensional poverty. Haven’t they grown fat over the sweat of Nigerians? They have been thrown into multidimensional wealth. Who is she to arrest people for telling her to have eaten the riches of the poor?

“If she is this powerful, why wouldn’t she use her power to rescue Nigerians in captivity? A number of girls taken away from Federal Government College Yawuri over a year now. You throw people into poverty. Nigerians aren’t secure. Yet you use your little nonsensical power to arrest somebody.

“You should have told your husband not to be contesting. You voted for the abysmal failure that’s Nigerian President and yet you’re saying people shouldn’t talk. You oppress people because you have the power. But I don’t blame, I blame Nigerians,” Yesufu lashed out at the First Lady.”