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Declaration of no-confidence vote by NASS on IGP outside range of constitution section, says AGF

The Attorney General of the Federation (AGF),Abubakar Malami, Photo: Channels TV

The Attorney General of the Federation (AGF),Abubakar Malami, has said the declaration of a No-Confidence Vote passed by the National Assembly on the Inspector General of Police is outside the range contemplated by Sections (4) and (88) of the Constitution.

He said this on Wednesday when he made an appearance on Channels Television’s current affairs programme, The Core, adding that the oversight powers conferred on the legislature cannot be open-ended.

“If You look at the provision of Section 4 of the Constitution, alongside the provision of Section 88 of the Constitution, I think the fundamental functions of the legislature are (1), lawmaking and then (2) oversight.

“The oversight that we are talking about is not open-ended. We are talking about oversight functions within the context of the workings of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies, the major function of the National Assembly as it relates to oversight functions is exposing corruption.

“That is the bottom line, so I cannot in all sincerity come to terms with the reality of the declaration of a vote of no confidence against the IG,” the AGF stated.

The Spokesperson of the Senate, Aliyu Abdullahi, who was also on the programme, however, disagreed with the Minister, insisting that the National Assembly acted in line with the Constitution.

“I don’t agree with that because that section says inefficiency or waste in the execution or administration of laws within its legislative competence and in the disbursement or administration of funds appropriated by it. So, it is not just the issue of corruption itself.

“And when you say inefficiency, what is the definition of inefficiency,” the lawmaker questioned.

“It has to do with both processes, actions and inactions. So, for me, I’m happy he has said we should operate within the context of the law. That is true and all of us have to respect that,” he said.