Home News Deeper issues of June 12 yet to be resolved, says Kukah

Deeper issues of June 12 yet to be resolved, says Kukah


The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has insisted that issues of June 12, 1993 Presidential election remain unresolved, even as he declared that “corruption has become so bad that it is in every area of our national life.”

Speaking at the formal launch of New Narrative newspaper in Lagos, Kukah said “Democracy is a free exchange of ideas and requires patience,” noting that the deeper issues of June 12 had remained unresolved.

Speaking on the issues concerning the content and structure of the system, he said “we are refusing to deal with the difficult questions of how countries are formed and developed.

“Contrary to what has become popular, diversity is an asset. But the critical question is how we manage it. We have become hosta-ges to our environment.

“We live in a very dysfunctional society, where we pretend that things are working.

Kukah noted that Nigerians were always in a hurry to achieve everything noting that “the challenge with us is that we have outsourced our responsibility.

“The tendency of outsourcing our responsibility to God or external agents makes it possible for us to think about contentedness.”

The Bishop called on journalists to follow the footsteps of Anthony Enahoro, Peter Enahoro, Samuel Ikoku, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo, who had clear idea of the type of a society the country needed.