Home News Ghost workers top list as Bayelsa stops salaries of over 4,000 people

Ghost workers top list as Bayelsa stops salaries of over 4,000 people


The hunt for Ghost workers in Bayelsa, has thickened as the Civil Service forms in the state caught some culprits.

4,204 workers with questionable records had their October salaries withheld as announced on Wednesday for various offences.

The Deputy Governor, John Jonah, who announced this in Yenagoa, said that those affected were from the eight local government areas in the state.

According to him, 1, 329 are local council workers, 2,184 in the primary school system and 707 on pension payroll.

Jonah listed those affected to include workers recruited without authorisation from relevant agencies, those with forged certificates, those receiving salaries from multiple agencies of government and some with questionable promotions.

He added that those involved in pension fraud, age falsification among others would not be left out.

Commission of Inquiry

The Deputy Governor disclosed that the panel which investigated the payroll fraud, also uncovered 34 people with questionable promotions, adding that some workers on Grade Level 04 in 2011 were promoted to Grade Level 14 in 2012 with forged certificates.

He however said the state government had established a Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by a retired Justice, Doris Adokeme, to hear complaints from the affected workers on November 13.

Her therefore warned that the government would ensure strict implementation of the findings of the panel and would not be deterred by any kind of blackmail from any quarters.