Home News Kukah urges Christians to deepen faith in face of assaults

Kukah urges Christians to deepen faith in face of assaults


Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, on Friday, urged Christians to deepen their faith, despite the assaults that Christianity is currently facing.

Kukah spoke, in Sokoto, at the ordination of three deacons and the re-dedication of Holy Family Cathedral. He said that there were reasons for Christians to appreciate the threats they were facing today.

“The corrosive influence of secular forces, a rise in anti-Christian philosophies, the falsification and misrepresentation of the sacred institution of marriages as exemplified in gay marriages and so on.

“Only last year, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria warned that the only guarantee to a strong society has to be strong families. Yet, encroachment of a false sense of modernity in private and public lives continues to threaten and undermine the foundations of family life,” he said.

Kukah said Christians should remain resolute, because, “the hallmark of their faith, which is love and forgiveness, seem like weakness, but, in reality, it is their strength.