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Liberating Local Governments the Only Way to Overcome Insecurity in Nigeria- Lai Omotola


The Group Managing Director of CFL Group, Lai Omotola has lamented that to achieve productivity in Nigeria will be extremely difficult if the rate of insecurity continues in the country.

The real estate mogul made this remark during the annual press conference/briefing at the company’s headquarters in Maryland, Lagos on Thursday.

Acccording to him, the government of Nigeria has been overwhelmed by the rising rate of insecurity in the land.. He said that no government can deliberately allow its citizens to be killed or their property looted.

He lamented that rising cases of poverty and homelessness are part of what is causing insecurity in Nigeria, adding that the vices would skyrocket and government might not be able to do anything.

He said: “Security has deteriorated and reaching an alarming rate; just yesterday, I encountered
traffic robbery with a youngman trying to break into my car to rob me of my phone.

“The government has been overwhelmed by the alarming rate of insecurity in the land. All day, citizens panic, amid this social malady.

“One of the major causes of insecurity is the abject rate of squalour that is on the up; and no concrete solution is being made towards ameliorating the situation.

The renowned analyst said that the only way Nigeria can be out of the woods as regards insecurity is to embrace rigorous community policing system which can be done through Local Governments.

‘He said that to overcome the monster of insecurity that is crippling Nigeria’s destiny, there should be division of territories starting from wards to states.

In his words: “The only solution to the problem of our insecurity can be tackled effectively from the community base and the Local Governments are in the best position to perform this task if they are properly harnessed to the fullest.

“For Local Governments to perform this function unhindered, it should be given high degree of independence. For example, a law allowing each state to conduct elections into Local Governments is an albatross; this should not be so if we want Local Governments to function effectively in their core duties; in which one of them is community policing.

“Just like the judiciary arm of Government is totally independent and is not under control of any element, Local Government institution too should be liberated in such a way that state governments should not be conducting its elections. If the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC is conducting Local Government poll and not the Governors writing the results of the election, this important tier of government would be free to a very high extent.

He added that nobody understands the power of the Local Governments because it has not been used properly, adding that if people understand the knowledge of the power, they would fix their focus on the development, including the area of security.

He lamented that as long as Nigeria continues to wallow in the murky waters of insecurity, the economy would be badly affected.