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PCN seal off 280 medicine stores in Zamfara


The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) has sealed off 280 patent medicine stores for various unethical offences in Zamfara state.

The council’s Director in charge of Inspection and Monitoring, Anthonia Aruya, announced the closure at a news conference in Gusau on Saturday.

She said the measure became necessary to prevent people from taking poison unknowingly as prescribed drugs.

She said some medicine store operators were found dispensing ethical products without the supervision of pharmacist, while others operated under poor sanitary conditions.

She also revealed that some operators were not registered by the council or failed to renew their registration making it difficult for the council to know what they were doing.

According to her, the council cannot guarantee drugs sold from unregistered outlets.

The director advised the general public to always look out for the council’s “x” signs before buying drugs at chemists.

She maintained that her team would continue to carry out its assignments to ensure compliance with guidelines.

“This will ensure safety, quality and efficacy of pharmaceutical products in the state, ” she said.