Home News Police forcefully extort N20,000 bribe from man over soft drink

Police forcefully extort N20,000 bribe from man over soft drink


A forex exchange businessman, Pius Perfect has accused the officers of the Osun State Police Command of allegedly harassing him over a soft drink and extorting money from him.

Perfect alleged that three policemen accosted him while he was on a motorcycle for holding a bottle of coke.

According to the 24-year-old, he was on a business visit when he was stopped by the officers around the Government House Road on June 8.

“I was on a motorcycle and was holding a bottle of coke when one of the policemen stopped us and asked why I held a bottle of coke, thankfully have not opened it.

“They threw the coke away, took my phone and told me to get into the commercial bus they used for patrol.

The Delta State indigene alleged that the policemen threatened to hit him with their gun when he refused to enter their supposed patrol van .

Perfect, however, said when the policemen became violent, he entered the bus.

“Once I was in the bus, they told me to unlock my phone and they drove towards the outskirt of Osogbo and they picked other people along the way.

“They checked my phone and didn’t find anything incriminating, then one of them said if I don’t confess that I am an internet fraudster, I would be in trouble.

The 24-year-old told Punch that when he couldn’t bear the harassment again, he told the officers to take him to the station to officially lodge the arrest but the policemen allegedly told him that he couldn’t dictate to them.

Perfect alleged that the officers demanded a bribe to facilitate his release which he made electronically to a bank account with the name Oyebiyi Saidi belonging to one of the officers .

“They told me that if they take me to the station, I will be there till Monday because it was on a Friday .

“When they discovered that I was not compromising, they said I had to settle them to let me go.

“When they checked my phone, they went through my account balance and they said I had money and I don’ t want to give them but I told them that the money was not mine , but they said I was lying and won ’t let me go until I settle them.

“After dragging the whole matter, I later agreed to make a transfer to them and in the process; I was able to get the picture of one of them who called out the account number I made the payment to, ” Perfect said .