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Politics have become a killing game in Nigeria, says Catholic Bishop


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has said some desperate politicians are turning the country into a killing field ahead of the 2019 elections.

Speaking with Daily Sun, Kukah lamented that politics had become a killing game in Nigeria.

“Politicians in Africa want power at all cost and they will go over oceans of blood and corpses to place ballot boxes to steal votes. Dead people have had appointments in Nigeria.

“This is a strange country and unless we get to a point where human life is at the centre and defines everything, every blood can only serve as sacrificial offering for the ambitions of those who want power at all cost. But as I have said and I repeat, who knows who will be here in 2019?

“Ask those into whose hands our safety lies. The Church has no Army or any Security Agencies. The only way we can defend life is to do what we did in Benue, generate enough sense of moral revulsion, especially given that those who govern us seem to have other interests.

“It is a tragic cancer of African leadership, this criminal lack of care for human beings whom the politicians promise to protect.

“If they cannot make comfortable as they themselves are, they can at least let our people live in peace.

“Many years ago, just before the civil war, during the Tiv riots, the Tor Tiv at the time said: ‘politics has spoilt our land.’ This is where we are now. Politics has become a killing game.”