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Senate seeks review of Nigerian Communications Act 2003

Bukola Saraki

In a bid to conform with the ever-dynamic communication sphere, the Senate Committee on Communications has called for the review of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003.

A member of the Committee, Abiodun Olujimi made the call during an interview with journalists in Lagos.

Olujimi, who is also a former Commissioner of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said that Act should be reviewed to address some issues that have changed.

She said when the Act was enacted it was not envisaged that the country would attain 21 percent broadband penetration.

”Definitely, the system has been dynamic. When the Act came into force, most of the things happening now were not envisaged.

”We did not believe we could have 140 million active lines. So definitely, problems will arise with such gigantic development,” Olujimi said.

The Senator said that there was the need to look at the Act again, especially as it affects cyber crimes.

She said that everybody now had access to broadband and the crimes that were committed on the internet were beyond it.

“I am sure I have more than 20 Facebook accounts, and I am not on Facebook. These are issues that came up with deeper penetration of broadband, ICT and communication.

“The Act must be reviewed, so we can ensure that the ability for people to commit crimes through ICT is curbed and communication is made better,” Olujimi said.

The needed upgrade

Also, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Ademola Adeleke said that the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 still had leakages that needed to be looked into.

Adeleke said the Act needed to be upgraded, so as to improve on the country’s communication.

”Communication is all about growth and it extends even to agriculture, health and other areas. Without communication, our country cannot grow, so we need to do what we have to do to make it grow,” he said.

The  primary objective of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 is to create and provide a regulatory framework for the Nigerian communications industry.