Home News Some Nigerians resist repatriation from Libya

Some Nigerians resist repatriation from Libya


In spite of the unkind treatment being meted out to foreigners in Libya, some Nigerians are resisting repatriation.

The country’s Charge d’Affaires in Libya, Illiya Fachano, said that, “not all of them want to come back home”.

Ne told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that, “Before you can assist them, they will have to sign a consent form, after which emergency travel certificates are issued.

“I want the public to know that we have some Nigerians who are not willing to return, in spite of the unfavourable situations and the fact is that we can’t get them on the flight without their consent”.

“Migration is natural and has always happened, but it becomes an issue when there are people migrating illegally meaning that the migrants arrive without proper documentations and conceal their identity. What we do is identify the Nigerians in the camps, register them, then issue them an emergency travel certificate but those who happen to be sick get medical treatments before being confirmed to fly.”