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Tinubu blames colonialists for killings in Nigeria


The Senator representing Lagos Central District, Oluremi Tinubu on Thursday said colonialists should be blamed for insurgency and hatred across the country.

The lawmaker stated this while contributing to a motion to mark the 2018 Children’s Day celebration by Binta Garba.

Tinubu noted that the killings, rape and kidnappings being witnessed across the country were beyond the government.

“I have worked with children and women all my life but what is going on in this nation is beyond what the government can shoulder. I’m calling on all Nigerians to rise up to be our brother’s keepers.

“After the funeral in Benue, the vice-president was off to the IDPs camps. Mr. President (Saraki) has been to various IDPs camps in the past to give food items – every Nigerian should rise up by whatever means to help.

“There is this little story I tell people. Since the white man came and started giving us individual plates at birthday parties to eat rice, Nigerians have become selfish. I remember when I was growing up when I was having party in our community, not SP (Senate President), he is Ajebutter.

“I don’t think SP has ever had birthday parties that they will put the rice in a big tray and put the meat on top. Even if it was handful you take, it was taken in love but it appears that we have forgotten to care for our neighbours,” she lamented.